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Handling Guest Arrival

Front Office Standard Operating Procedures

SECTION : Chief Village
Subject : Handling Guest Arrival


Make all guests feel welcomed, Established Credit, giving guest first good impression and comfortable.


1. After the villa well set up, then stand by at the lobby to welcome the guest after have information from Airport Representative or Guest Service Assistant when the guest is on the way from airport. Chief Village (CV) or Assistance should be at the lobby at least 10 minutes prior to ETA at the hotel lobby.

2. Welcoming guest, The CV or assistant must welcome guest to “Le Meridien Nirwana” by Balinese greeting. “Good afternoon Mr/s. Thomson, welcome to Le Meridien Nirwana, I am Serita your village chief. I will be your assistance during your stay”.
Guest’s name to be used, show that you are happy to welcome the guest by genuine smile. Speak very clear when talking to the guest. Offering guest to the rest room is a must especially if they spent long time from airport to hotel.

3. Lead the guest to the lobby to have welcome drink and garland and meanwhile explain the Cendana restaurant. “That is Cendana Restaurant Mr/s. Thomson. It serves buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner”. Continue to explain other FB out let and what they serve. Also explain what we have at Daily Activity information.

4. Ask the guest if they are ready to check in to Villa. “Excuse me Mr/s. Thomson, your registration will be processed at villa. Are you ready to go?” Make sure that guest has finished their drinks.

5. Confirm the number of luggage to the guest. “ Would you please check if your luggage are complete Mr. Thomson?” Make sure that luggage has placed at safe position so it won’t be falling from the buggy on the way down to the villa.

6. On the way to villa, explain guest of the meeting room and it’s capacity, business center, Spa office and it’s facilities available, tennis court, fitness center with opening hour and other service available.

7. Arriving at the villa, make sure that the buggy stop and brake-locked before letting the guest get out of the buggy. “Here is your villa Mr/s. Thomson”. Mention the villa number. Explain them the way to swimming pool.

8. Entering the villa, open the entrance door widely and let the guest enter the villa first, “After you please Mr/s Thomson”. Use body language, smile, bow a bit and open hand. Explain the out side first such as bale and what they can do at bale, plunge pool, etc.

9. Continue to bed room and direct the guest to complete the registration card after please the guest to sit down. Show the guest which he/she have to complete at registration card, such as address, telephone number, email address, and signature. Meanwhile the guest complete the registration card, handle their luggage well. And after finished handle the luggage, return to guest and check the R/C that has completed. Reconfirm the guest if the room rate has inclusive to room breakfast or not. Do not reconfirm rate if rate guaranteed by travel agent. Mention to guest the departure date and check out time.
Ask the flight detail and transportation needed and finally ask for credit card number for guarantee and record it then at the back of the R/C. At the end of registering, ask the guest if they want to join the SPG/loyalty program if they are not the member yet.

Confirm departure date:
“Very well Mr. Thomson, your room rate is inclusive to daily breakfast, your departure date is on 2nd of June, is that correct Mr. Thomson? (To avoid discrepancies between our record and guest expectation)

Departure time:
“May I know what time will you depart from hotel?” ( to anticipate of room assigning of next coming guest staying in this room)

Assist guest to reconfirm ticket and transportation arrangement
Ticket reconfirmation:
“May I assist you to reconfirm your departure flight, Mr. Thomson?”

10. After that, explain the villa facilities” May I explain the villa facilities Mr. Thomson?” Always excuse before explaining facilities. There some possibilities why they do not want you to explain: Returning guest, tired, wants to go to toilet, have to make private call urgently, etc.
Start explaining the facilities with the nearest one to where the guest stand, following the clock round. Do not block by your body the facilities you explain. Speak clear. Give the guest the contact number that can easy contacted and offer assistance.

11. Leaving the room, if all processes have completed, thanking the guest for staying at villa.” Thank you for staying at Nirwana Village Mr/s Thomson, Have a nice stay and do not hesitate to contact me if you need my assistance”.

Return to reception and try to update the guest detail by your self in order to assist

Prepared by : _________________________ Position: Chief Village
Robert Dames

Approved by : ¬¬________________________ Date: _____________
General Manager