Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

How to Make Bubble Bath (English version)

Ada pesan ke saya demikian,

"Hi Butler Bob, would you please translate the post of Cara Membuat Bubble Bath (Mandi Busa)?" Owww, very well, little little english sih I can speak heheheh...

Very well, this is only the repeating of the old post that you can see in the bottom. 

Firstly, prepare the media that you need in making the foam on the bath or bubble bath such as liquid soap and water bucket. And for additional if you are making it for your guest you can add scented oil or aromatic oil and some colorful flower.

Secondly, pour the liquid soap in to the water bucket on the bath tub then shoot the liquid soap with high pressure water. The higher the pressure the more foam will be produced. Let the bucket full with the water till the foam spilled over out of the bucket and fall in to the bath tub. Pour more liquid soap when you see the foam is less of thickness. When the foam has covered the bath tub around 1/4 part then you can stop shooting the liquid soap and start to full the bath tub with water till indicate 3/4 part, see the level from bath tub edge. Then you can put scented oil and decorate with the flower on top of the foam. That is all...and enjoy compliment from your guests and smile....